Landscape Painting Now

Landscape painting now (2019) is a survey book of contemporary artists whose work incorporates landscape. The book begins with a twelve page essay by art writer and critic Barry Schwabsky “Painting with the flow of the world” in which he examines the history of landscapes in art and argues the relevance of landscape painting in a contemporary context.

The book features over 80 different artists divided into the following chapters: Realism and beyond, Post-Pop landscapes, New Romaticism, Contructed realities, Abstracted topographies, and Complicated vistas. Each chapter begins with a shorter essay, and each artist is introduced with some personalised text and a number of images of their work.

The book gives an excellent overview of the current state of contemporary landscape painting, and brings together contemporary artists whose work advances the genre. Schwabsky’s essay sets the scene (so to speak!) and the shorter texts by art historians Robert R. Shane, Louise Sorensen, and Susan A. Van Scoy contextualise more specific aspects of landscape painting.


Todd Bradway, ed., Landscape Painting Now. London: Thames and Hudson, 2019.

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