Temporary Landscapes

Landscape is a changeable entity, what you see changes with the weather, the seasons, the years, and with human or … More


At the end of last year I attended a Kintsugi workshop run by An Astute Assembly at Te Toi Uku – … More


  Memory is redundant: it repeats signs so that the city can begin to exist.           … More

Main Catalogue text

There’s a story that Pliny tells about the Corinthian potter Butades, and his daughter Kora. Kora’s lover is about to … More

Remembering is mind-wandering into the past. We can also wander into the future, imagining what might happen tomorrow, or next … More

Turquoise Blouse

One day a few years ago my mother took out of her cedar chest the turquoise blouse  she bought for … More