Photography as artefact

Photographs are, of course, artefacts.  But their appeal is that they also seem, in a world littered with photographic  relics, … More

Flying Houses

Laurent Chéhère, 2012, The linen which dries (Flying houses series) [Photograph] I saw this image by French photographer Laurent Chéhère on … More


Through some of my recent research I’ve started thinking about the concept of forgetting.  When you think about it memory … More

Angry Smurf

After the Masters Seminar, my partner came up to Auckland to visit, and brought with him these fantasy miniatures that … More

Disrupted thoughts

During one of the toolbox sessions Anthony pointed out that some of us were trying too hard to make connections … More

Critique notes

Thought it would be a good idea to have a blog record of the notes taken for me at my … More