Anchors to landscape

Landscapes shift and change with the seasons and the weather, but there are some landscapes that are always familiar because there is some landmark or familiar aspect, some anchor that holds a space in place, and creates a location. There are many such place anchors, and they are often the cliches of social media as they were once the cliches of postcards sent as proof of having been present in a place.

Despite being over-photographed they remain compelling because they provide a locus of recognition. An anonymous landscape has a different effect to the zing of familiarity you get with a more famous outlook.

These spaces are maps forwards and backward in time; landscapes that are overlaid and overlaid with the traces of all the people who visited and stood in that exact spot, looking at that same scene, but seeing it in their own unique way.

Are locations the opposite of temporary landscapes?

I think temporary landscapes offer a solitary experience, whereas visiting a location, even if you are alone, is almost a communal experience.

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