Remembering is mind-wandering into the past. We can also wander into the future, imagining what might happen tomorrow, or next … More

Turquoise Blouse

One day a few years ago my mother took out of her cedar chest the turquoise blouse  she bought for … More

Theme and Variations

Justine Giles, 2014, Theme and Variations I (and and and But but) [graphite on paper,  420 x 595mm]

The Entire History of You

The series Black Mirror is a dark commentary of technology and media and its pervasiveness in our lives.  Each episode is a … More

Colter Jacobsen

Colter Jacobsen, 2013, Holding my breath [Graphite on found paper, 278 x 215mm]. Colter Jacobsen’s drawings are meticulous and combine found … More

Dora’s thoughts

Gathering her paints together she looked forward to losing herself for a few hours in the pleasure of painting.  It … More