Colter Jacobsen

Holding my breath

Colter Jacobsen, 2013, Holding my breath [Graphite on found paper, 278 x 215mm].

Colter Jacobsen’s drawings are meticulous and combine found images with found paper, breathing new meaning into items of forgotten significance.

Indeed, through a process of depictive doubling, relying on a technique Jacobsen refers to as ‘memory drawing,’ the culturally occluded cast-off instead becomes, for the artist, a means to foreground intense personal reflection. (Akel, 2013, p. 120).

Jacobsen talks about how people are interested in comparing and talks about how copying is an attempt to retain memory (Peck, 2011).  Of course the implication is that a memory cannot be held perfect in time, and the charm in his work comes from creating something new, interesting, and present rather than past.

The drawing process adds a sense of dislocation to the imagery, where it is cut adrift from its origins, his drawings defy being pinned down to an existing narrative.

Mental Magic

Colter Jacobsen, 2010, Mental Magic [Graphite on found paper, 203 x 130mm].

Potential Furlough

Colter Jacobsen, 2008, Potential furlong [Graphite on found paper, 298 x 240mm].

Rip's revelation (...revolution)

Colter Jacobsen, 2013, Rip’s revelation (…revolution) [Graphite on found paper, 300 x 465mm].

Suddenly The Screens Were Turning On Their People (Stills From Abbot and Costello Meet The Invisible Man)

Colter Jacobsen, 2013, Suddenly the screens were turning on their people (Stills from Abbot and Costello meet the invisible man [Graphite on found paper, 248 x 325 mm].

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