Anchors to landscape

Landscapes shift and change with the seasons and the weather, but there are some landscapes that are always familiar because … More

Temporary Landscapes

Landscape is a changeable entity, what you see changes with the weather, the seasons, the years, and with human or … More

Christina’s World

I often find, quite by accident, a book in the library that I haven’t seen before. Despite its smallness, there … More

Erica Baum: Dog Ear

Erica Baum, 2009, Differently. Not often, but sometimes, I see an image that just makes something catch in my throat, … More

Shilpa Gupta

Shilpa Gupta, 2013. I live under your sky too. [Animated light installation, 975 x 488cm]. Bandra, India. Shilpa Gupta, 2005-2006. There is no … More