Are you my motherland?

Are you my motherland? Or the myth of nationality from the diary of an antipodean interloper. 2015 Cabinet exhibition Whitecliffe College … More

A Knight’s Tour

Invention is often built on an existing idea, a small kernel around which the innovation grows. If you were to … More

The Process of Finding

The very concept of finding requires that something must at first be lost, left behind or forgotten, temporarily elsewhere until … More


After a few initial set backs (due mostly to my inexperience of working with wood) I finally finished the pantograph … More

Just Saying…

Justine Giles, 2014, Just saying: Note from Isaac after William Carlos Williams [graphite and ball point pen on paper, 42mm x … More

Theme and Variations

Justine Giles, 2014, Theme and Variations I (and and and But but) [graphite on paper,  420 x 595mm]

Two works from January

Justine Giles, 2013-2014. I wrote this in a language I can’t read (detail). [Cut-out and graphite on vellum, 594 x … More

Problems with installation

For January I was allocated a difficult almost corridor-like space which leading to the stairs to the mezzanine offices.  From … More

Experiment with ink

This is an experiment with printing ink… A kind of poor-man’s printmaking process. I put down a plane of glass, … More