Experiment with ink


This is an experiment with printing ink… A kind of poor-man’s printmaking process. I put down a plane of glass, rolled ink on it, placed paper on top and then traced over a photocopy of a photograph. It meant that I couldn’t see the work until after I had created it, which I find very interesting in theory. I like the way that the image is understood through the combination of images that the sense of what it is starts to become clearer through the repetition, but on the whole this doesn’t work for me, it just falls flat. It could potentially work if there were hundreds of them, but I’m not sure the work is worth pursuing.


  1. hi justine, I am interested to know why you feel it falls flat? Personally there is an innocence in these works, a mystery of trying to link up some.
    By the way this is a monotype method of printing.

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