Angry Smurf


After the Masters Seminar, my partner came up to Auckland to visit, and brought with him these fantasy miniatures that he is painting.  There’re meant to be used for some kind of highly nerdy gameplay I don’t understand, so when he offered to let me paint a couple, I cheekily asked if I could paint them the ‘wrong’ colours.  Apparently there is no easy way to subvert these characters, I’m told a blue ogre with lots of gold bling is acceptable, and even calling it an “Angry Smurf” was met with bemused patience.  Similarly my purple Orc failed to even raise an eyebrow. (In retrospect, I wish I’d painted his tiny toenails in some fabulous nail-polish colour).

ImageI wanted to share this here because when I painted it, I enjoyed the fact that it didn’t mean anything to me.  It was just a thing.  I enjoyed painting it because it has all the little careful details similar to my own artwork, but it was like a little holiday because I shut off my thoughts and just concentrated on the painting.

I think that this is an important lesson to bring over into my art practice.  Yes, artwork has to have some meaning beyond the purely aesthetic, but there is no reason why I can’t shut off and simply concentrate on enjoying the making without constantly questioning how the artwork is delivering the message. I need to have faith that my themes and concerns come though in my decision making process.  I think for me it is important to remember to just create.

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