I confess! No more confessions… if I can just figure out how!

Since the seminar I’ve been haunted by Anthony’s advice to turn my blog into a performative rather than confessional space.  Which has me a little stumped, and has caused a personal (and somewhat unproductive) feedback loop in my thinking (and existing only in my head) as I wrestle with the mystifying nature of the comment.  Dear Diary, how to I find a performative voice and lose the confessional?  I’m not sure I know how!

I think too much.  Bear with me.  When perplexed I am paralysed.


  1. Maybe you spend a lot of time in the confessional box!!! It is funny how one comment can throw you off completely and paralyse the thinking. It acts like a road block, finding a way around it will help and free your thinking soo much. Try not to do too much thinking, but do some doing, may help.

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