Kai Fagerström: The House in the Woods

Fagerstrom BadgerFagerstrom SquirrelFagerstrom mouse2

Fagerstrom owl

Fagerstrom mouse

Images by artist Kai Fagerström from an abandoned house in the woods.  I can’t help but think of  Aki Inomata’s hermit crabs, because of the link between nature and the connection to human habitation. I’m not sure just yet what it is that intrigues me about this, so it is posted here as a ‘note to self’ and a reminder to investigate.

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  1. hi justine
    What wonderful images, and more on the website. You can feel the time passing in them, knowing the photographer had to sit patiently for some time to capture these critters. Amazing to think that they are mostly considered vermin, but these images show them in a romantic setting, as the inhabitants of the house.
    thanks for sharing this ‘note to self’

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