Paul Sietsema

Paul Sietsema all the world...

Paul Sietsema, 2002, all the world… [pen, ink, collage on paper, 52 x 37.5 cm]

Paul Sietsema Recto Verso

Paul Sietsema, 2008, Recto verso [ink on paper, 76.2 x 55.9cm]

Paul Sietsema Ship drawing

 Paul Sietsema, 2009, Ship drawing [ink on paper,129 x 178 cm each]


  1. “all the world…” is fascinating I think. It’s as if everything in the frame is heavy and fluidic and has gathered on the bottom the page. The snaky lines of text seem to be either pushed down by the images, or the images are like balloons trying to lift off from the ground.

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