When research collides.

He later developed a cocktail of drugs made up of amphetamine, LSD and a pinch of cannabis. He wanted especially to see the colour indigo, which Isaac Newton had rather arbitrarily included in the colour spectrum. After taking his cocktail he faced a white wall and demanded: ‘I want to see indigo – now!’ He was rewarded by ‘a huge, trembling, pear shaped blob of the purest indigo.’ It was, he thought, the colour of heaven.

(Corballis, 2014, p. 142)

I feel a bit as though my research is haunting me.  Or maybe just rewarding my fascination with inter-contectedness. I recently finished reading The Wandering Mind by Michael C. Corballis, which, to my shame, has been sitting half-read on my night stand for some time (but in good company!) and was in equal measures delighted and disconcerted to read the above quote which describes Oliver Sacks (whose book The man who mistook his wife for a hat I read last year) and Newton’s inclusion of Indigo as colour in the rainbow, which I became interested in more recently!  I can’t decide if its a message from the universe that I’m on to something, or its a message from the universe that everyone else is onto something and I’m just late to the party.  I rather suspect the latter.



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