Hunter dreamer stranger thief

Exhibition opens at the Depot Artspace gallery in Devonport.

February 6 – 24.

Themes of space and time, the ghostly, the dreamlike and the poetic criss-cross throughout Hunter Dreamer Stranger Thief and create parallel lines of investigation. The works of Anderson, Claxton, Giles and Mickell encompass a range of mediums including photography, installation, and drawing. Each artist follows a different trajectory, yet common elements have created a web of interconnectedness between their art practices.

The words Hunter Dreamer Stranger Thief roll off the tongue like an incantation, or a chant to accompany a schoolyard game evoking predictions of the future. The archetypes seem distinct: the Hunter is searching for something, the Dreamer explores fantasy, the Stranger is the outsider looking in, and the Thief takes while no-one notices. Though each archetype carries its own connotations, they all emanate a contradictory aura of both the poetic and the everyday. Looking closer, each of the characters relies upon the traits of the others: the Stranger benefits from the Dreamer’s optimism, the Thief requires the Hunter’s prowess, we are never just the one thing.

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