Change in perspective: Between the lines

Justine Giles I wrote this in a language I can't read

Justine Giles, 2014. I wrote this in a language I can’t read. [Cut-out and graphite on vellum, 594 x 841mm]

I was asked once, in my undergrad years, if I only valued work I had laboured over. At the time, without any hesitation, I said “yes”. It seemed so obvious then that hard work = worthiness.

This work came to me all too easily, springing fully formed into my head as if someone had whispered it to me, as if it already existed and just needed me to carry it into the waking world. Although the cutting represents some careful labour, when I think about this work it’s to puzzle over how uncharacteristically quickly it came together.

This is the work that let me trust my instincts.

The hard part of this work has always been in its installation. It is so understated that it can disappear (it’s almost impossible to document).

This is the third time it has been installed.  The first time was at Whitecliffe for the Masters mid degree assessment, the second time as a finalist for the 2015 Glaister Ennor Award at Sanderson Contemporary. Now it is showing as part of Between the Lines at the Wallace Gallery Morrinsville.

I feel like in this install it is finally complete. Positioned on a short end wall, it subtly invites a side view where the tonal shadow gives way to the writing that can be seen traced in light on the wall.  This is how it always should have been shown: all it needed was a different perspective.

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  1. Wonderful piece of work. So pleased for you that she has found her true ground at last. Sometimes it takes as long to make the work, as it does to find its strength! Interesting how what might seem like hanging ‘old’ work makes it new again 🙂

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