Critique notes from Seminar: 2

Critique Group led by Tanya Eccleston:

  • Sense of the poetic (rather than prosaic)
  • The shadows created where the paper curls away from the wall is interesting
  • Suggested reading: The pleasure of the text Roland Barthes.
  • Spoken word/trace
  • Titling is important for giving clues to the viewer
  • The titles could be more generous
  • This work could be framed within a larger project
  • Perhaps there could be an overarching title for the series
  • Personal presence as complete
  • Enjoyment of the scale of the work
  • Literary artefact
  • Enigmatic
  • Sense of reverie
  • Suggestions of a vitrine as an alternate way to display, so that the viewer can look down on the work
  • Coherence –not logical
  • Blog generating work
  • No boundaries
  • Suggested reading: The Medium is the Massage by Marshall McLuhan
  • Work could be more political in my position as an artist

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